Learning Enterprise Award Ceremony 2021
We have undergone stringent assessments – apart from submitting the assessment report, the judges visited the DIC office to conduct a series of comprehensive on-site inspections and audit reviews on the implementation and effectiveness in respect of the enterprise culture, values, training and learning, team working environment, systems, and improvements. Today, DIC is honored to receive the Learning Enterprise Award set up by PVCHK.

The pandemic continued to affect all parts of the world in 2021. Besides standing fast to what we do, DIC upheld the spirit of continuous learning and encouraged employees to keep learning and add value to themselves. DIC believes that employees are the greatest asset of an enterprise. Continuous learning enhances employees' skills and nurtures talents for the enterprise, as well as setting an example and strengthening the industry’s development.

This award cannot be measured by money but by the spirit of continuous learning. Only those companies that manage to put continuous learning into real management practice can pass all these stringent assessments. The Learning Enterprise Award is not only a recognition to us but also shows our management culture and capabilities – we can provide the best services to our customers despite adversity.

I would like to thank the panel members of PVCHK for giving us the Learning Enterprise Award. It is an encouragement and recognition for us during this difficult time. The past two years were tough for us, but we are very fortunate that we survived the challenges with a strong team spirit. I was honored to be awarded the title of fellow by the PVCHK last year and this year it’s our company’s turn to receive the Learning Enterprise Award. I believe that turning a company into an organic place for learning is the key for us to adapt to the ever-changing environment and survive through challenges.

Today I am going to quote the saying of a wise man. Roughly it says, "People depend on air, food and water to survive, but are we only living for these?" In my opinion, a business is like a pair of legs, one supports the pressure, and the other has to take an extra step before it can continue to move forward. You need to know that financial gains are important for a business, however, mental gains are as important and life-long learning is the way to it. Here, I would like to thank the PVCHK for providing different platforms for us to learn and improve over the years. We will definitely continue to work hard and get ready for the next challenge. Thank you all!

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帶你走進傢俬廠房 (「教主」陳禮善博士 Dr Kevin Chan, 星級特派員陸詩韻)
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Learning Enterprise Award Ceremony 2021
HKMA Quality Award
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✨ The operation of Design Information Centre follows the strict standard of ISO, we have been upholding the management philosophy of unity❤, continuous improvement and pursuit of excellence👍, in order to provide service with high quality to our customers. ✨

✨ Design Information Centre, a subsidiary of Lai Group Holding Company Limited, was successfully listed on the HKEX Growth Enterprise Market (Stock Code: 8455) 📈 In times of economic downturn, clients should have chosen a good company carefully. As a decoration project involved a large amount of money, pick the company with strong capability can guarantee the client’s confidence.


✨Design Information Centre can offer interest-free installment choices of several banks🏦. It is because of our well-developed foundation and stable financial condition💪, we are able to obtain back-ups from different banks. Therefore we are able to offer 12-month, 24-month or 36-month interest-free installments to our customers.💰💰

✨All designers in DIC gained professional training and everyone have their own personal style and strength📝. However, they will not solely rely on their personal capabilities, but also follow the management culture by the company and all the strict monitor guidelines, management and review process. Also, they collaborated with every department included Audit Department, Engineering Supervision, Construction Team, and Furniture Production Team and examine work in different department to finish the project. Providing a perfect and integrated service to our clients by using the power of teamwork. 🖥

✨ In order to protect customers’ interests and avoid violating the Prevention of Bribery Ordinance💸, there are some friendly reminders: ❤

✔ Our company staff and suppliers are prohibited to receive cash or money transfer to any personal account🙅💵. Our company will not require customers to pay cash for any discount💵

✔ All the invoices of our company are monitored by our system💻, to ensure that there is no bypassing of the company.

✔ The company names stated on the invoices are 📜 ‘豪迅有限公司’ or ‘Globe Sense Ltd’ or ‘Design Information Centre’, to ensure that all invoices are issued by our company👨🏻💼.

✔ Payment only by cheque, credit card or bank transfer to the company account💁 (HSBC 116-488909-838/ Hang Seng Bank 249-182122-001/ Bank of China 012-688-0-008218-0). 💁

✔ Cheque payable to ‘豪迅有限公司’ or ‘Globe Sense limited’. Please summit crossed cheque and delete ‘holder or Bearer’, we are not responsible for any other payment methods and accounts. 🙅

✨ Clients should have checked if the payment method is the same as above when patronize decoration design engineering in DIC✔✔. Our company will not take the responsibility to provide the insurance cover (e.g. labour insurance and the warranty of every project), 3-year structural warranty of the residential project and 1-year structural warranty of the commercial project if the project did not follow the above payment request. Without the insurance cover and structural warranty, it will be hard to keep the engineering quality and also an incomplete project will appeared🤯, and client may carry unnecessary loss. 💸

✨ DIC’s management culture has been upholding ‘Honesty’, ‘Righteousness’ and ‘Unity’, these three words are short but with profound meanings.👨🏻🔧,We aim at bringing high quality, perfect and reliable services to our customers with our teamwork and strict management.😊💪🏻. If you find out the payment method is different from the above stated, or have any confusion of the design or project, you are welcomed to provide relative information to Design Information Centre ✉

☎ Report Hotline: 969 888 69 Kevin Chan, or email to [email protected]📧. We appreciate for your valuable opinions, thank you. 🙏🏻

✨We will follow up the information provided by you 👮‍♂, and give relative reward to you for your help 🙏according to the facticity of the provided information content✍ (for example, your flat’s address, the date, information of the designers, communicating records, phone number, receipts provided by the designers, etc.), all the information provided by you will be kept secret. ㊙